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12/3 125.6 (-13.2lb) December 4, 2009

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Just said that I have to self-discipline better in eating carb……..I failed right away today…..errrrrr

10:00 1/2 cup of egg beater + banana+ almond flour…….I meant to make banana pancake, but it’s too soft. I ate them all anyways, so full!

around 12:00 lots of granola (low carb) + cheese

was planing to do low carb atkin’s diet for my P3 so I order some low carb flour and also some granola. It was a Big Big mistake. I don’t know why I’m so addicted to carb recently, I ate almost the whole package, in the end I was upset and flushed the remaining. sigh

18:00  some spanich

21:00 some snow peas + cheese……I think I gave up at the time.


12/2… 30? 125.6 (-13.2lb) December 3, 2009

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I’ve been lazy…..

I was expected I’ll lost 20 lb in 28 days program, but in the end I only lost around 12lb, little disappointing, but it’s better than not losing anything.

Today is my second week of P3. I was planing to do atkin’s diet for my p3 by not limiting myself with no carb, instead, counting carbs and try not to go over 40g carb everyday. If I ate sugar then I won’t eat fruit on the day……things like that.

However, with more flexibility, things were going crazy easily.  Increase variety really increases craving.  At the first week I was addicted to pork skin, jerky and a little bit of nuts. Now I’m craving for carbs!!! cupcake, scone, cookies, wine……….it’s really bad!!!! Tho I didn’t gain anything but I’m not in ketosis for 3 4 days, always suspicious that the fat is coming back on me.

I think it’s better to start putting everything down like I did before so I can discipline myself better.

7:45 cupcake (mexican chocolate) + coffee

I was checking out a cupcake shop on my way home yesterday. At first I was only going to get coffee and “see” what cupcake they have there.

they only had french press there so I had to wait, and started talking to the owner. It was 5pm and they were almost sold out for everything. I got curious and bought the last mexican chocolate cupcake  because the owner was sale it like crazy.  It’s not extremely good as I’m not too much a fan for cupcake, but it does taste better than the famous trophy or royal cupcake here.I think I’ll go back.

12:00 black current scone + 1/4 muffin

product show at work place… of course. They are not especially appealing…..only some muffin, bagel, cupcakes and scones. I wouldn’t get anything if I saw the food like this before but

somehow I got a scone today!!! and I was not even hungry!

17:20  5oz turkey breast stuff with cranberry and apple, a vacuum package of mushroom + 5 baby brussels

finally eating normal and healthy again! but somehow I was soooo full after all these food, before I was like hungry after 40 mins done eating. Today after almost 2 hours I’m still full!!  I hope it’s the water I drank before the meal. The other thing is that even tho I’m full, I still want to eat more stuff. where’s my self control again……….>.<

ok……hope this will get me back on track on the way to 118-120 lb! 😀


Day 27. 126.6 (-12.2lb)

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same as yesterday…..

9:00 1/2 egg beater + apple

13:00 3.5 oz chicken breast + mushroom + baked collard + apple

17:00 4oz shrimp + pepper + mushroom + lettuce


Day 26. 126.6 (-12.2lb) November 18, 2009

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sigh…….I knew it! 1lb gain after apple day.

My ketosis is weaker than before, I wonder if that’s because I ate too much vege yesterday. No fruit today.

anyways, tomorrow will be my last full dose injection, I’ll just hang on there and finish it.


9:30 1/2 cup egg beater

12:00 AWIS group meeting at I love sushi, I’m going to have sashimi lunch, no rice, this shouldn’t be a problem……ate around 10oz raw fish… protein tonight

17:20 1oz shrimp (can’t help it) + pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces


again, I’m disappointed on this protocol after 2nd week, I lost 2-3 lb per week with this low caloric diet. I think I can achieve that even without expensive hcg……oh, well, life is always too good to be true. At least I lost 10 lb this month, not too bad.


Day 25. 125.6 (-13.2lb)

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um… day seems to work, but can’t say that too early, have to see if I can keep it off.

8:30  1/2 cup of egg beater + 5 strawberries

12:00 4oz ground beef + pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces+ half grapefruit

15:00 1/3 cup egg white + baked collard

17:00 4oz cod+pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces + 2tsp flaxseed

20:00 baked collard + dried bonito………I don’t think I’m hungry at the time, I ate just because I’m bored or lonely…….:(

24:00 hungry! 1/2 cup of egg beater

I really have to correct my emotional eating pattern. Tho dried bonito is low calorie, but I still eat way too much (quantity wise). The worst thing is that I don’t even feel like I need to eat. sigh, no more depression eating! 


Day 24. 127.2 (-11.6lb)

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gained 0.4 lb…….why why why?? I’m getting close to my last day and the weight lose is just too slow to bear.


I had half cup of egg beater and 4 strawberries and decided I’m going to do an apple day today.


pretty hungry at night tho.


Day 23. 126.8 (-1.2lb) November 16, 2009

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hm……126.8, the shot must be working

I increased hcg to 300 iU yesterday and gonna skip the shot today, this may be another reason, we’ll see


8:30 1/2 egg beater + 1/2 grapefruit

11:00 0.5oz cheese

13:00 100g ground beef + 1oz cheese+ half onion + 1 cup lettuces+ 4oz strawberries

17:00 4oz cod+ pepper +baked collard

dried bonito as snack


I kept counting how many days I can go back to normal diet. According to the nutritionist, the maintenance phase takes 2 weeks, you do half of dose of hcg and gradually eat more…..that means I have to buy another week of supply which is 45 bucks for it……errr…..losing weight is expensive! Though my to-eat list is getting longer and longer now, I will not let myself getting fat ever again!!!

3 more weeks to go. Although this process has been slowed down somehow, overall I’m pretty happy that I’m still stick with me and losing weight.