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Day 7. 133.6 (-5.2lb) October 31, 2009

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9:00 1/3 cup egg white

went out to get some hCG. I want to try to inject myself everyday since I’m feeling the hunger more and more often, maybe the 1-time-big dose just fade away over time?

The nurse talk me through how to inject myself, whole process is really easy. When I about to inject myself, I can’t stop laughing……this is what I did to mice all the time!

12:00  3.5 oz chicken + chinese muster green + senoket

15:00 1/3 egg white

18:00  3.5 oz chicken + chinese muster green

19 :00  drinking buddy came to help me prepare for Halloween house party!

I was really worried about drinking tonight……since I love drinking!!  I made up my mind to stick with vodka + tonic water

Everything started fine……I had a shot of grey goose and start looking for tonic water.

There were 2 big bottle sitting at the corner! perfect!!  So I mixed it and had a sip ….. why is it sweet? then I looked at the label it’s like 28g sugar in 1 serving (240ml)!!!  holy crap!  But oh well, it’s too late.  Not to mention the jelly shot later.

I think I did it O.K. with alcohol, didn’t go crazy, after 3 shots I’m extremely happy…..hahaha… tolerance went way down!


Day 6 134.6 (-4.2lb) October 30, 2009

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Failed to sleep early and wake up at 9:30 AM. -.-




Today I’m sure I’m in ketosis so I add fruit to my meals…..I love grapefruit.

9:30 1/3 cup egg white + 1/2 grapefruit + lots of tea

12:30 mushroom + 3oz scallops

15: 50   1/3 cup egg white

19:20   3.5oz chicken + 3 asparagus+1 Apple

24:00 1/2 egg white


still feel hungry, here and there

constipation………I haven’t done any #2 since day 3.  I called they said I can take some laxative. I’m eating more vege and fruits now, maybe tomorrow I’ll see something.

I also asked whether I can eat mushroom and seaweed, the answer is no!

I guess it not too serious since I was losing weight after eating all these on day 4. Maybe I’ll lose more if I eliminated them…… I didn’t eat them on day 5 and today I lost more than yesterday. Good to know anyways.


Day 5. 136.2 (-2.6lb) October 29, 2009

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failed to go to bed early last night (~2:00AM) sigh……
woke up at 8 AM

136.2 lb, -1lb from yesterday! looking good

8:30 1/2 cup egg white + coffee
lots of tea
12:30 some pepper ( forgot my lunch at home >.<)
15:00 3.5 oz scallop +vege
17:30 4 oz chicken breast + vege
lots of H2O and tea
24:00 1/3 egg white……plan to

I think I'm in ketosis today……the color from test paper is kinda hard to tell, but I see a little pink in it so I guess it's in ketosis? I am not eating fruit today till I'm sure I'm in ketosis.
feel more hunger today, maybe it's because I didn't sleep a lot and didn't have lunch till 15:00? However, no craving, it's really a good thing.
This morning my boss brought a cake to our weekly meeting. All my coworker were eating the cake, it's kinda weird to say no for a piece. So I took my piece and didn't touch it!! I told them I'm saving it after lunch…..but I didn't eat it and gave to someone else after the meeting. It's not hard to control not to eat by yourself, it's really hard when everyone's eating and you are not.


Day 4. 137.2 (-1.6lb) October 28, 2009

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um……I was little worried not to see any lose this morning, but apparently that’s unnecessary.




I was almost 3 lb lighter than yesterday, – 1.6lb before loaded days.  I can’t wait to lose more. 😀


10:30  1/3 cup egg white + 2 cups of H2O + 1 cup of coffee

14:10  1/4 cup egg white + lots of H2O

15:30-18:00  7oz scallop (combine lunch and dinner)  + vege   was eating almost every 20 mins during that time period.

21:00 a small cucumber + tea

24:00 1/3 cup egg white


Somehow I’m not in Ketosis yet, the weight I’m losing now may just be water weight…mmm….. we’ll see tomorrow.

I feel more hunger after eating something small, like a scallop or a cucumber,  but no craving. I guess it’s a good thing! 😀

I even said no to a free Madeline while I was shopping in trader joe’s, that used to be my favorite cookie!!!


Day 3. 140lb (+1.2) October 27, 2009

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after 2 days of loading……I got kinda tired of eating yesterday! haha

keeping have a feeling that this is your last chance to eat the things you won’t be able to have in 30 days!

but on the other hand,  there weren’t something I was really craving for. -.-

Maybe I’m just very anxious to see the pounds dropping off from the scale and can’t wait to start  LCD.

Alright, here I go……


9:30   woke up, 2 cups of H2O + 1/3 cup of egg white

not really hungry and skip the morning snack

12:30  2 cups of H2O + 3oz halibut, grill

nap 1:40-2:10

14:30  1/3 cup egg white + seaweed …..cook together as a soup

lots of green tea and some pepper

17:30  3.5 oz scallop


23:00  1/3 cup egg white


was not really hungry until I had lunch……hm….but it’s manageable, I just drank lots of water and tea

sleepy  whole day!  I think that’s because I went to bed really late last night (3:30AM!) But I slept pretty well and woke up without too much struggle at 9:30

plan to go to bed before 11:30 and hope to see some pounds dropping tmr!


HCG experiment

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I have to say….. I doubted how HCG works and convinced myself not to do it. But I still keep thinking about it. If I can get rid of that 20lb I’ve been working on since May in a month, why not give it a try?


So I made an appt last Saturday and get my shot on the same day. Hoping that I can be 5lb lighter and cuter by Halloween!


My starting weight = 138.8 lb, I was around 118 this year around February! see how easy these pounds can pack up on u!!!


The first 2 days were easy;  eat, eat and eat. I didn’t have something I craved really badly, so I just went Carb crazy.

I weighted 142 lb on day 2.    3 lbs, please don’t stuck on me and take some follower with you once I start my LCD.