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Day 25. 125.6 (-13.2lb) November 18, 2009

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um… day seems to work, but can’t say that too early, have to see if I can keep it off.

8:30  1/2 cup of egg beater + 5 strawberries

12:00 4oz ground beef + pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces+ half grapefruit

15:00 1/3 cup egg white + baked collard

17:00 4oz cod+pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces + 2tsp flaxseed

20:00 baked collard + dried bonito………I don’t think I’m hungry at the time, I ate just because I’m bored or lonely…….:(

24:00 hungry! 1/2 cup of egg beater

I really have to correct my emotional eating pattern. Tho dried bonito is low calorie, but I still eat way too much (quantity wise). The worst thing is that I don’t even feel like I need to eat. sigh, no more depression eating! 


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