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Day 26. 126.6 (-12.2lb) November 18, 2009

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sigh…….I knew it! 1lb gain after apple day.

My ketosis is weaker than before, I wonder if that’s because I ate too much vege yesterday. No fruit today.

anyways, tomorrow will be my last full dose injection, I’ll just hang on there and finish it.


9:30 1/2 cup egg beater

12:00 AWIS group meeting at I love sushi, I’m going to have sashimi lunch, no rice, this shouldn’t be a problem……ate around 10oz raw fish… protein tonight

17:20 1oz shrimp (can’t help it) + pepper+mushroom+yam noodle + half cup of lettuces


again, I’m disappointed on this protocol after 2nd week, I lost 2-3 lb per week with this low caloric diet. I think I can achieve that even without expensive hcg……oh, well, life is always too good to be true. At least I lost 10 lb this month, not too bad.


2 Responses to “Day 26. 126.6 (-12.2lb)”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I am sorry you have been disappointed on this diet. It can be difficult, and perhaps since you are at a lower weight it is proving more difficult. Do you follow helderheid’s blog- she may be an inspiration to you? Are you happy at the weight you are at now? Do you think you will try to lose weight the conventional way? Enjoy P3 and check in from time to time! :):)

    • sbwb Says:

      Thanks Caitlin!
      I read helderheid’s blog, she got stocked for a while and started to lose lots again! I hope I can be there soon.
      I’m o.k. with the weight I’m now, but I was almost 10lb lighter than I’m now, so…..I’m expecting more lose. 😛
      just thought hcg can help me lose more in a short amount of time. The first week of hcg was really encouraging and promising. I’d recommend it to all my friends who wants to lose weight. But the hcg diet helps me to self-discipline more in eating. Now I read people’s blog about all-u-can-eat buffet they went to, I was surprised how can they finish all these food! 😛 I think this hcg experience is all good for me.

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