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12/3 125.6 (-13.2lb) December 4, 2009

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Just said that I have to self-discipline better in eating carb……..I failed right away today…..errrrrr

10:00 1/2 cup of egg beater + banana+ almond flour…….I meant to make banana pancake, but it’s too soft. I ate them all anyways, so full!

around 12:00 lots of granola (low carb) + cheese

was planing to do low carb atkin’s diet for my P3 so I order some low carb flour and also some granola. It was a Big Big mistake. I don’t know why I’m so addicted to carb recently, I ate almost the whole package, in the end I was upset and flushed the remaining. sigh

18:00  some spanich

21:00 some snow peas + cheese……I think I gave up at the time.


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