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Day 22. 128 (-10.8lb) November 16, 2009

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I start to wonder whether ketosis means anything……I’m in ketosis, but the pounds are not dropping. I don’t really feel I’m losing inches either since I still can’t fit into my old clothes. How can I let myself be so fat!!? Never again!

So I called the program, again, the nutritionist went through all the things I know and suggested their products……like before….she kept trying to get me buy some of their median chain oil and get one of their fancy shot. I think I’m desperate, this time I’ll get what she suggested.

after google the lipotrophic shot I decide to give it a try.

8:40 1/2 cup egg beater + blueberries + 0.5 oz cheese

12:00 1oz cheese+3.5 oz chicken breat + half red onion

16:00 0.5oz cheese


18:00 asparagus + scallops

23:00 1/2 egg white



Day 21. 128 (-10.8lb) November 15, 2009

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…….another gain? errrr

still in ketosis, I’m going to do an apple day tomorrow see if these slow lose and gain are from water retention

I was hoping this will be my last day since I’m only aiming to lose 20lb…..if 1lb/day and I should be there already, well, always too good to be true.

I have another week to go, hopefully it will get me to 120

but thinking about other side, if I didn’t do it, I may not lose 10 lb and have chance to gain more!  I guess it’s all good, just a little disappointed with the not-so-fast result and this expensive treatment.

10:30 1/2 egg beater + 1oz cheese + apple

14:00 100g ground beef + 0.3oz cheese + 1 cup of lettuce + apple

18:00 3.5 oz scallop + spanich

24:00 1/2 egg white


Day 20. 127.2 (11.6lb) November 13, 2009

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more lose! yay


11:00 1/2 egg beater + apple

13:00 100 g ground beef+1 cup of coleslaw

driving range for 1 hour……only 100 balls and I’m pretty tired after that

18:00 4oz cod + asparagus + yam noddle

22:00 1/2 cup eggwhite

24:00 really hungry 0.5 oz cottage cheese

3:00 am …..bed, really need to go to bed earlier


Day 19. 128(-10.8lb)

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8:30 1/2 egg beater+ grapefruit

14:00 3.5oz chicken breast + cheese + pepper

18:00 4oz cod + 4 asparagus

24:00 1/2 eggwhite


looks like weight lose back to normal rate


Day 18. 128.5 (10.3lb) November 11, 2009

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maybe increase amount of hCG worked…..the scale finally moving. down 0.5lb.

my ketosis is always on…..maybe on too much I guess, the target area is the first 2 boxes, but sometimes I feel mine is at the third box already.  maybe that means i should eat more vege and fruits.


10:00 4oz cottage cheese + blueberries ( from trader joe’s, soooo good) + a cup of diluted apple cider

15:00 4oz cod + 4 asparagus + 0.3 oz cheese

19:00 1/2 cup egg beater + blueberries

22:00 3.5 oz chicken breast+0.5oz cheese + peppers


Day 17. 129 (9.8lb) November 10, 2009

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only 0.4 lb after a mini-steak day??

I’ve been doing great until day 7……from day 7 till now I only lose 2 lb?

I start to wonder whether the hcg aliquot they gave me is pure or not. I start to inject myself since day 7 and my weight loss stalled.

I injected myself with 2ml…..I think it’s 200 iu since 1.5ml they told me to is 150 iu. Maybe the increase of the amount will help to break the plateau. 😦


8:00 1/2 cup egg beater + 1 grapefruit

11:00 1.5oz beef

14:00 0.5 oz cheese + 3.5oz beef + 2 asparagus + half package of mushroom

17:00 4oz cod + 2 asparagus + half package of mushroom

24:00 1/2 eggs + 8 blueberries


Day 16. 129.4 (9.4lb)

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still there……errr…..

Does ketosis mean anything? I don’t even think there’s any different in inches either!

I’m doing a mini steak day then……


in the afternoon I found I’m spotting…..maybe that’s why…. but I’m still doing a steak day then


17:00 pm  4oz beef + spanish + apple

19:00 2oz cottage cheese

23:00 1/2 egg beater